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Comics Classroom Inkubator

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Do you have a comic you want to create, but you:

  • Feel overwhelmed at all the skills required to finish and publish your comic
  • Hate wasting time on a comic that you’ll just abandon after a few pages
  • Are tired of watching endless tutorials that don’t answer all of your questions
  • Are afraid after you put the work into your comic no one will read it

How do I get started?

With all the steps and skills needed to create a comic, it can feel overwhelming just to get started, so we created the Comics Inkubator course to speed up the learning process and help you start and finish your comic.

Start Making Your Comic Today!

The Comic Inkubator course will speed up the learning process and help you create a plan to finish your comic successfully.

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10+ Hours of Lecture Videos & Assignments

Module 1: Your WHY
61 minutes
Module 2: Scripting
83 minutes
Module 3: Character
68 minutes
Module 4: World building
79 minutes
Module 5: Thumbnailing
70 minutes
Module 6: Style & Technique
63 minutes
Module 7: Coloring
104 minutes
Module 8: Lettering
58 minutes
Module 9: The Pitch
43 minutes
Module 10: Your Road Map
25 minutes
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Comics Classroom Inkubator

0 ratings
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