Cognitive Drawing - Learn the Male Figure (FULL 160 PAGE PDF)

Jason Brubaker
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Everyone can learn to draw!

You don't need an expensive education or thousands of hours of practice to start seeing results either.

Cognitive Drawing is a technique that Jason Brubaker developed when teaching himself how to draw as a teenager. Even though he was completely self taught, he immediately started working in Hollywood on movies and commercials at the age of 20. The last 7 years of his Hollywood career was at Dreamworks Animation working on the Kung Fu Panda trilogy. Now he writes and draws graphic novels which can be found at 

This drawing workbook will guide you through the steps Jason developed to learn to improve his drawing ability quickly. Plus, what you learn in this book will show you how to imitate and remember any artist's style. 

PDF now includes 160 pages with 90 days of lessons.

There are 90 Days of lessons (160 pages) in this workbook designed to be printed out and completed at your own pace (preferably daily). In addition to Cognitive Drawing exercises there are many tutorials about the male figure. This book mainly focuses on learning anatomy of a male bodybuilder but the technique can be applied to learning any style.

Made for Homeschoolers, Drawing Groups, Classrooms or single use.

For All ages - No Nudity!

We have seen much improvement in students ages 8 and up. As long as there is a desire to learn to draw and students can spend about 30 minutes a day focused on doing an exercise then this is perfect for learning to draw.

In addition to teaching you the Cognitive Drawing method, this book will also guide you through the anatomy of the male figure from the front as well as basic body proportions. We are slowly adding pages to this book until it completely covers the entire male body from all angles. 

Happy Drawing!

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    162 pages
  • Length162 pages


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Cognitive Drawing - Learn the Male Figure (FULL 160 PAGE PDF)

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